Online Banking Overview

Online Banking Overview

Consistent Interface 

Consistency in functionality and appearance across multiple devices is important to us, because we want our online experience to be as seamless as possible.

A new online banking interface could be daunting at first, but we consider it our duty to help you adapt. Change can certainly be good, and we believe keeping current the look, feel and functionality of our online banking experience is for the best. 

Our new mobile app interface may not be as broad in appearance as our desktop version, due to screen constraints, so we have streamlined your menu options so you can get down to business right away. 

With our new online banking system you will be in complete control of your funds.


Online Banking Benefits

1. More Secure 

Our clients will always be at the forefront of our tremendous effort to maintain security measures that are like no other. Your peace of mind when utilizing our online services is a fundamental goal that we are driven to achieve everyday.

2. 24/7 Access

When clients use Pilot’s online banking they have the ability to access their funds at any time of the day. Not every person has the same schedule which makes running to a branch a difficult task. But with our mobile app you can manage your money from the comfort of your home or on the go..

3. Manage Money and Bills

With Pilot’s online banking, managing your funds can be a snap. Log in to your mobile app and see the most current transactions as well as download the most current statement. For online bill pay, submit a single payment or schedule recurring payments. It’s that easy.

4. Fund Transfers

Quickly and easily transfer funds between any of your accounts. The funds are immediately available when the transfer is completed. 

5. ACH and Wire Transfers

Sending an ACH (automated clearing house) transaction or a wire transfer of funds, have been made easier than ever for our business account holders. The new interface for transferring funds is simple to navigate and facilitates faster results for our clients.

6. Remote Deposit Capture

Through our mobile banking app, clients are more capable than ever to deposit checks on the go. Clients can use a smart phone and take a quick photo of the front and back of their check and easily deposit it with our mobile app. No more hassle of waiting in long lines at the branch.


State of the Art Banking Experience 

Our clients have always been and continue to be our main priority. Therefore it is our mission to make sure our clients are provided with the most secure, up-to-date and rewarding online banking system possible. 

We take pride in employing an online banking experience that our clients can easily navigate and be truly enthusiastic about. There are new functions and features now in place to help coordinate your banking duties with an increased and streamlined focus, while never abandoning ease, quality and quickness. Just how any true online banking experience should be!