Cash Management Overview

Cash Management Overview

One Universal Product

This new product can help with all of your cash management needs. Whether it is business or personal, managing cash has never been easier for you. Most can be done from the comfort of your home or office and you never have to step foot into a branch. This is made possible by our new innovative online cash management system.

When using the online cash management system, our clients can:

  • Prevent overdrawing their account by easily signing in to check their balance.
  • Access transaction details to see current transactions. 
  • Transfer funds easily from one account to another.
  • Make stop payments by easily canceling checks and preauthorized transactions.
  • Download monthly statements from and avoid waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Optional online services for businesses:

  • Employer Direct Deposit
  • Pay vendors or receive payments
  • Wire Transfers 
  • Help prevent check fraud
  • Deposit checks using our new mobile app
  • View loan balance and make a payment 


Cash Management Made Easier 

Whether it’s managing a business or handling personal funds, our clients are always looking for the best ways to manage their cash. With our new innovative cash management tools, along with some tips, our clients will be on their way to managing their personal or business funds! 


Pilot Bank Tips

BudgetingBudgeting is a simple process of tracking one’s monthly expenses to determine how much you are spending each month. By making this list of expenses, there is a good chance that you will free up some extra cash.

InvestingOne option is to put away the newly uncovered cash into a systematic income that allows you to invest with little pain. An example is to set up a 401(k) to take out a sum from every paycheck automatically so you can invest in your future. 

CreditSometimes cash runs short or a financial emergency may arise. That is when you can consider using a credit card. However it must be used judiciously to avoid falling into debt. But when used correctly, credit cards are useful tools for living on a budget. 

Seek AdviceThe next step is to schedule a visit to Pilot Bank. Our team of professional bankers are ready to help you with all of your financial goals. We encourage you to reach out to us and start building your future today! You’ll be glad you did!

A Better Kind of Personal Banking

If your personal banking is always a pleasure, count yourself among the fortunate few. If you’re looking for a bank where you’re an important priority, consider Pilot Bank. We think building an exceptional relationship with you is our most important job. That means the details of your personal banking are opportunities for us to show just how important you are.

We offer a full range of financial solutions. Please allow us to serve you in finding and using the products and services you need.

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