Executive Forum

Executive Forum

It’s amazing what happens when good people get together and talk. It’s even more amazing when those people are leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are aware of the business environment, the strengths and weaknesses of the community, the plight of the disadvantaged, and the possibilities of cooperation.

Pilot Bank chooses to offer opportunities to incubate great ideas, to catalyze cooperation, and to strengthen the business community. Our Executive Forums are monthly meetings of local leaders to discuss current issues impacting our communities and our businesses. Sometimes this takes place in the form of a subject matter expert sharing information on a timely issue, or simply an open discussion on current topics. We expect nothing in return for hosting these meetings – this is simply our way to foster mutual success and growth within our business community.

We think everyone benefits from the interactions and relationships that occur as the result of Executive Forums. So, we frequently invite both customers and non-customers. Once you attend an Executive Forum, you automatically become a member of the Executive Forum Alumni, which provides access to Member Receptions, Special Events and the Executive Forum Directory.

To become involved with the Executive Forum, contact Joy Hudspeth at 813-349-4539 or jhudspeth@pilot.bank

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If your personal banking is always a pleasure, count yourself among the fortunate few. If you’re looking for a bank where you’re an important priority, consider Pilot Bank. We think building an exceptional relationship with you is our most important job. That means the details of your personal banking are opportunities for us to show just how important you are.

We offer a full range of financial solutions. Please allow us to serve you in finding and using the products and services you need.

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