Brad Green

Brad Green

After many years of working with the great people at Pilot Bank, I couldn’t be happier. 

They learned about my business by coming to my facility.  They talk to me regularly, even if there’s no immediate need I have.  They go above and beyond to stay in touch.  Down the road, that makes a huge difference—as you’ll see. 

The purpose of my business, LightningRV Supply, is to sell recreational vehicle parts on a wholesale basis.  At one point, we had a huge opportunity as the result of a very successful trade show.  Taking advantage of this opportunity was going to put great financial stress on the business through its impact on inventory, receivables and cash flow.  And time was of the essence. 

Fortunately, I turned to the people who understood my business, and I was not disappointed.  Pilot Bank analyzed the opportunity quickly and approved the short term financing I needed on a dime.  I don’t think any other bank would have met my need with such urgency.  That couldn’t have happened without an ongoing relationship based in knowledge of my business.  You can tell that’s part of the culture at Pilot Bank.  It’s allowed them to be instrumental in helping my business grow.  

You see it in other ways, too.  For example, they let me make deposits electronically, and that saves my company a lot of valuable time.  Frequent trips to the bank interrupt work.  Pilot Bank understands things like that.

When I talk to my friends at Pilot Bank, I know I’ll get sound business advice.  It’s really an exceptional relationship, one you wouldn’t expect from a bank.  And I appreciate it.

So, I’ve enthusiastically recommended Pilot Bank to my friends who are business owners.  And you know what?  They’ve been just as pleased as I am.

A Better Kind of Personal Banking

If your personal banking is always a pleasure, count yourself among the fortunate few. If you’re looking for a bank where you’re an important priority, consider Pilot Bank. We think building an exceptional relationship with you is our most important job. That means the details of your personal banking are opportunities for us to show just how important you are.

We offer a full range of financial solutions. Please allow us to serve you in finding and using the products and services you need.

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