Deposit Operations Manager

Deposit Operations Manager


Responsible for, but not limited to, customer service, wires, mail, telephone, supply purchases for offices and backroom stationery, return items, proof, account maintenance, unposteds, correspondent banking, daily cash management, charged-off accounts, RDEE and ACH.


Essential Duties


  • Coordination of schedules
  • Employee counseling and problem solving
  • Employee reviews and salary recommendations
  • Open position interviewing
  • Assessment of productivity levels of employees


  • Review Deposit Operations procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develop procedures for roll-out of new products
  • Ensure proper statement delivery
  • Ensure proper notice delivery
  • Change and update bank control as needed
  • Approve wires over assistant thresholds
  • Manage ACH and RDEE products
  • Review and approve on-line transactions in Deposit Operations area
  • Advise and assist in forgery and fraud cases as needed by the security personnel
  • Approve payment of bank supply orders for stationery and supplies used in office operations as well as Deposit Operations
  • Advise and assist other departments and offices in operational procedures
  • Coordinate and develop handling of inbound/outbound calls
  • Resolve audit exceptions
  • Directly resolve customer questions and complaints
  • Ensure proper documentation available to offices through scanning technology with assistance of DBA
  • Handle cash management for various accounts (sweeps, O/D protection, etc.)
  • Prepare board reports
  • Ensure research is conducted as needed
  • Monitor Reg E activity
  • Understand NACHA rules
  • Ensures proof work completed timely and accurately
  • Back up Nightly Operator as needed
  • Review and approve non posted corrections
  • Prepare tax documents
  • Ensure functionality in all Deposit Ops systems and coordinate to resolve if necessary


  • Initiate change in basic Deposit Operations structure to compliment planning to achieve organizational objectives
  • Activate new work procedures and work with DBA to implement system changes to accomplish planning and bank development objectives more efficiently
  • Assist training department to set procedures at office level that compliment the Deposit Operations functions


Education or Experience Preferred 

  • High school diploma/equivalent and experience or associate’s or bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years deposit operations experience

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